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Organisation of cruises upon prior agreement by email rezerwacje@zegluga.com.pl or phone +48 89 670 92 24.


Departure of the ship: from Harbor of Żegluga Ostródzko – Elbląska in Elbląg – ul. Wodna 1b.



  • About 1h
  • Cruise on Elbląg River

  • 8:30, 18:45

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The walk cruise on the river of Elbląg is started in the heart of the city of Elbląg, which will also be our final stop. During the cruise we are given the opportunity to admire the picturesque panorama of the city of Elbląg established in 1246, while heading for the lake of Druzno, not far from the place where until the 9th century there was located the Viking town of Truso. Today we know that it was huge, considering the times, exceptionally important commercial and craft market as well as port on the path combining the Scandinavia as well as the Baltic states with the Southern Europe as well as with Arabic countries. The latest research proves that between the 9th and 10th century it was one of the largest ports of the Northern Europe. In the spring of 1237 in the vicinity of Truso, members of the Teutonic Order under the command of Hermann von Balk erected upon an island at the mouth of the river of Elbląg a small wooden – soil dwelling. When the fortification was destroyed most likely by the tribes of Prussian Pogesanians, past 1240 the Teutonic Knights moved to the location of the today’s Old Town. Today this picturesque town within the exceptionally beautiful surroundings constitutes the final stop of the cruise.

There are 65 seats on the ship. Ideal trip for persons looking for a while of relaxation as well as to the lovers of beautiful sights created by a human in the harmony with nature.

Cruise schedule:

Season 2022 starts on 1st of May until 30th of September.

Custom cruise

  Cost of hire a ship with crew:

  • May, June, September 1100 PLN
  • July, August 1200 PLN.

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